About us

About Our Company

At MyLondonExtensions we know that any design project for your home can be daunting. From start to finish,
we can guide you through this process and provide the best support to help you realise your dream home.
Don't hesitate, call us on 020 8355 4404.

Commitment to Quality

Our proud track record is based upon our commitment to innovate while focussing on practical design and our second-to-none customer service. We are in partnership with high quality and experienced contractors, which means that you will be provided with supreme quality of materials and benefit from our competitive pricing structure.

Holistic Approach

We know how much your house means to you, and how important it is that any renovations will have the desired effect. We will talk through the entire process with you, from planning through to design and concept, to ensure that we fully understand exactly what is required to create your dream home.

Client Focused

Right from the outset we liaise with you to get your ideas for your house renovation down on paper and draw up the plans to give you just what you want, putting you in touch with an architect where needs be.

Exceptional Team

Our experienced and highly-qualified team of partners includes architects, a party wall surveyor, recognised building companies, project managers and foremen. MyLondonExtensions is a marketing agency acting on behalf of the Service Providers. After taking detailed instructions on your proposed works, we will introduce you to our most suitable experts based on your needs and will work as a liaison to facilitate a smooth working relationship and ensure that your instructions are accurately conveyed.

Experts on hand



David leads by example. He establishes a strong, supportive relationship with clients from the outset of each project. If there are questions to be answered, guidance to be provided, advice to be offered, David will be there 24/7. Alongside immediate client involvement he also reaches out to architects, council planners, designers, craftsmen.



Starting out as a highly skilled carpenter, Paul has not only moved up but also across, experiencing many different trades and project managed for his but also other companies. With 30 years of project management under his belt Paul still likes to get his hands dirty, working on site whether the budget is £40,000 or £1 million.


Quantity Surveyor

Kieran is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry working for clients, contractors and sub-contractors in several sectors. As a member of both the RICS and CIOB his professionalism and dedication to each project is guaranteed.

Our Independent Partners

Josephine and Ricardo from illuxion london

Our partner, Illuxion is a spirited creative practice specialising in bespoke interior architecture and design.’ As designers, they provide unique ‘design thinking’ and believe in the power of light, both natural and artificial to enhance their exclusive solutions for your living, social or business space. 
Illuxion aim to create memorable environments which celebrate art and beautiful materials. For a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kashi and Liam from Yamstudios

Yam Studios is a London based interior design studio who specialise in residential interior design. Kashi and Liam work closely with us to ensure their role in the process fits seamlessly with your build. They have a strong belief that by working with our clients on a personal level, they gain an intimate understanding of our clients needs and can create their perfect home environment. They are all about the detail and love using quality natural materials, combined with exquisite furniture to create a balanced, unified space. Feel free to visit yamstudios.com.

Russell from I-design Kitchens

We offer a range of high quality kitchens in modern, functional, stylish designs. From sleek islands to ingenious storage, from granite worktops to walnut finishes, from traditional artisan to futuristic minimalism, we can adapt designs to suit all kitchen shapes and sizes. Our experienced kitchen designer, Russell will work closely with you to realise the kitchen of your dreams. From a blank page, he will listen to your ideas and work out the best way to design and build it, offering advice to help make your kitchen a special place you’ll love to be in.

Jean-Pierre from Stanley & Strong

Our partner Stanley & Strong are a London based independent firm of Party Wall Surveyors and are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). They work with our clients, dealing with Party Wall Notices, undertaking Party Wall Surveys and negotiating Party Wall Awards (also known as Party Wall Agreements).

Our Process

Home Consultation

Our initial consultation is free and will take place at your property. From the comfort of your own place you can take us through your vision for that dream home improvement. Whether you have the finest draughtsman’s artwork and a detailed mood board or the just an image in your head with a few sketches on Post-Its, we’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Our consultant will take time to understand your ideas and work out the best way to achieve them. Any concerns you have, from structural issues to planning worries, we’ll make sure they are dealt with. Using still photography, modelling software and plain English we’ll explain what’s feasible within your desired budget. We love ideas and relish the challenge of thinking creatively to find imaginative solutions while staying on cost.

Architect Drawings

You have the idea so let’s get it down on paper. Before approaching the planning department or finalising the quote we need to create some plans.  We work with a great team of independent architects offering all the necessary drawings to obtain planning approval. A fully detailed specification incorporating 2D and 3D design is provided.

Following your consultation we will decide on the most suitable architect for your project. Once the drawings are completed they will be passed to the council’s planning department. Following your consultation, you are not locked into this design. Any later changes to the drawings will be made free of charge subject to the contract with the architect.

Planning Application

Some projects, even the small ones, may require planning permission from your local authority. We will assess whether your project needs such permission and what route to take to secure approval. Some extensions do not need a full planning submission.

Following our consultation and working with the architect we will apply on your behalf and liaise with the relevant departments to ensure the application is dealt with as promptly as possible.

Structural Consultations

Building regulations cover the building logistics of your project, whereas as planning regulations refer to the look of your extension. Building regulations require all aspects of structural changes to be detailed. 

We work with a highly qualified structural engineer who will assess your project and provide all relevant structural calculations. Rafters, beams, joints, whatever structural changes you need, we’ll have them covered.


You will be provided with an in-depth, clearly detailed quote that lays out all aspects of your project’s costings. Our quotes are provided by Richard or David. Both are fully chartered quantity surveyors who have great knowledge and experience which they are happy to share. 

We believe that budget is often the main worry for our clients. Together and with the Quantity Surveyors we go the extra mile with each quote. We spend time going through it with clients and the quote structure, spaced clearly over far more pages than the average quote, providing a detailed breakdown making them far easier for you to comprehend.

Building Control

You will need a Buildings Regulation Certificate which confirms that all works have been carried out in accordance with required regulations. This is where building control comes in. The building control officer will visit your site at various stages during the project to ensure that the works are being carried out to the required standard.

You can use the council’s officer or a privately registered one.

Party Wall Agreement

The Party Wall Act of 1996 safeguards you in respect of your project’s effect on any party wall while also protecting the rights of the adjoining neighbour. The Act protects the owner undertaking the works, through the party wall surveyors, by guaranteeing that the work is lawful.

Our independent Party Wall Surveyor, Jean-Pierre Panchaud is qualified to cover all eventualities, such as issues with scaffolding or damage to the neighbouring property.

Building Works

Once you have accepted the quote and you have been through all preliminary processes such as planning and drawings, we are almost ready to start the project.  Contracts will be signed once you are happy with the planned project management, logistics and payment schedule.

Our team of independent partners has a wide range of experience going back decades. All of our partners are specialists, be they electricians, plumbers, carpenters or bricklayers. You will receive the highest quality of construction and craftsmanship throughout your building works.