Kitchen Extension with Playroom Space

We love beavers. We like the way they adapt to their environment. Forever extending their homes but never really bothering anyone else. In fact, they provide positive benefits for their immediate ecosystem. But that’s for another blog. Oh, and they’re such good swimmers!

Basement Boom

There is a basement boom in London at the moment. Of the dig-down variety. Householders seek more space without the nightmare of selling up and moving out. Unhappy with the status quo, down, down, deeper and down they go.

This sort of basement conversion is not an option for many. Such vast projects can be cost and labour intensive. Besides, digging three new storeys amid your foundations may not be seen as a conversion at all. Unless you are more mole than beaver.

So why do we not admire the blind, burrowing cousin as much? It’s his distinct lack of neighbourliness. Like the blinkered dig-down project managers taking over so many suburban streets like invading generals, the mole is just less considerate than our friend the beaver. Just look at the damage he does to local lawns.

Keeping Down with the Joneses

At My London Extensions we care about the bigger picture. Not just extending your home but micro-managing the whole process of how to get there. And this includes keeping you on the neighbours’ Christmas list come project’s end. So while we know there is a middle way, extending a basement without calling in the Time Team, we also know how to keep those next door and beyond onside.

Like a kitchen extension or a side extension, if planned, designed and managed efficiently, the basement conversion need not turn your life upside down. An excavation visible from orbit is not the only option. Whether it’s extra space for the new arrival or just increased elbow room for the more animated console captains in the family, we can help you find the answers. Baby room or games room, you can build it.

Don’t be put off by the underground swimming pool boom or the subterranean gym craze. Do as the beaver does, extend the home for your own needs. As for neighbourly concerns: forget raising stakes to avoid heartaches.

Take a look at one of our recent basement conversions or, if you’d like to discuss your own, please get in touch.