Kitchen Extension with Playroom Space

On the rare occasions when we have a heatwave in the UK, we have to be coached on how to sleep without covers. However hot it gets, we still cling to the blankets. We just can’t help it.

Scandinavia. No need to forsake the duvet there. It’s freezing. But what they really worship is light. Some months there is not much of it and they grasp every second that they can. So no curtains. Their windows are fabric bare. The British struggle to sleep there as light streams in at the crack of dawn. We love to block light out. Or we used to. Times are changing.

Bringing the Outside In

While down below we have replaced acres of dark, busily patterned carpet with blond wood flooring, up above we now let light flood in. At My London Extensions we like to do our bit to combat increases in vitamin D deficiency. We don’t go out as much as we used to, especially the computer-chained children, so why not bring the outside in?

Wherever possible on our projects we encourage the incorporation of as much exterior window surfaces as possible. Whether this glass is framed in doors or rooftops, whether the home is south facing or north, we bathe rooms in light. Using Velux windows for rooftops and floor to ceiling bifold doors that open onto gardens, our independent team of experts can optimise the presence of sunlight throughout the home.  

This is helpful especially during winter, as in some areas the useful UVB rays are filtered out and don’t reach us. Many do not realise that just like birdsong  and mis-kicked footballs,  some UVB rays do come through windows. Besides the vitamin health benefits, there are also mood improvements. It just makes us happier to absorb more light. Imagine not having to go out to achieve this. Waking up to diagonal sunbeams streaking across the kitchen come breakfast time.

Step Into the Light

So dispense with the daily tablet intake or specialist light bulbs, absorb vitamin D as nature intended. When renovating the home, include as many windows as possible within your dream design. While it gives you the chance to look out and feel more spacious, it also lets the envious neighbours see in and admire your new, airy, light strewn home.

See how we brought the light streaming into this house extension or, if you’d like to discuss your own, please get in touch.