Kitchen Extension with Playroom Space

With the latest season of Doctor who fast approaching, complete with brand new Doctor, it’s time to think TARDIS.  Bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. If only homes could be like this. We can only dream. 

We like a challenge at MyLondonExtensions, even those we know are impossible. But we like to get close. Or at least try. So what’s the easiest way to make a standard terrace or semi feel bigger on the inside? Well, you could disappear down a kitchen wormhole to a time when London real estate cost 5% of what it does now. Or you could just build an extension.

Kitchen extensions, loft conversions, side return developments, all can be designed in a way that does not impinge on the traditional character of the house yet adds a vast amount of much needed living space to your home.

Transformative architecture can retain the look of a building from the outside while making it appear modern and spacious inside.  Decide what sort of extension you would like. Keep balance throughout the structure. Whether going up or outward, the building should retain a traditional feel, as if the extension has been there a while. 

Although MyLondonExtensions can material-match so new bricks, for instance can colour copy old ones, this does not mean the extension itself must look traditional. As long as balance is kept in the house, the extension can be contemporary or futuristic. Just avoid giving the impression an odd shaped space ship has landed on the back lawn.

While all looks unassuming if a bit polished from the outside, once through the door, sweeping spaces, step-down floors, bi-fold doors, imaginative use of light can all combine to bring a sense of relaxed openness to your home.

So if getting to grips with the Alcubierre Drive brings on a migraine, build a basement conversion instead. There’s more than one way of tackling a black hole.