Kitchen Extension with Playroom Space

A Tick for Attics

There’s something about attics that we just love here at My London Extensions. Don’t get us wrong, we’re fans of all sorts of house extensions but there’s some aspects of the attic that just take us somewhere we like to be creatively.

Loft conversions are a challenge but fortunately, we do like a challenge. Often compared to fitting a square peg into a round hole, the unusual shapes of the available spaces always force us to think outside of the box room.

Space is Premium

In London all space is at a premium so we expand downward, outward or upward.  Unlike a basement or ground floor extension a loft conversion cannot annex space from a garden or a void beyond a wall. There is nowhere to go but up. Angular, irregular spaces above eaves or below beams are what we have to work with. Add some imagination and these can be adapted to solve many problems. Sleep areas, storage space, skylights.

Yes, light. The loft conversion brings light to a space that is often associated with the hidden. Dark and dusty, this was where we placed all sorts out of sight. Once opened up as a regular living space, we need a steady stream of bright light and fresh air. Deep Velux windows often provide the answer. Letting light stream in on sunny days while their well insulated design keeps the chills out come winter.

No Longer Forgotten

Following a loft conversion, the attic is no longer the forgotten space, ironic home of distant memories. It can be opened up to form a mezzanine style extra platform above a room, with clear views to the space down below. Two rooms now feel like one as those below sense the vastly increased ceiling volume above. It’s not always about the floor space.

So yes, My London Extensions likes loft conversions. We guess it helps that attics point the way. This is where you should be aiming when conjuring up your dream home. Toward the stars. With a visionary architect and ambitious interior designer at the helm, the attic can stop being a room that’s out of sight and become a room that’s truly…out of sight.

Take a look at one of our loft conversions or if you’d like to discuss yours, get in touch.