Kitchen Extension with Playroom Space

Making London your home

London is like a home. A simple, basic home. That’s how it all started. Way back then. Looking for a decent location to live, someone stumbled across this place. Not too hilly, pleasant river views, decent transport links – once they’d invented the transport. And so London was born.

Then children arrived. And more children. Plus a few more children. Then visiting friends who outstayed their welcome. Don’t forget the pets. Well, more like livestock really as they’d end up as dinner. Grandchildren arrive. So someone had the bright idea of inviting the in-laws. Space was at a premium. London was soon a fairly crammed home. 

A bigger place was needed. But nobody wanted to move. It was pretty special down by the river, despite it doubling as the local sewage system. So if moving out was not an option and granny wasn’t budging, an extension was the obvious answer. Not building up but outwards.

The Urban Sprawl

My London Extensions wasn’t around in those days so they went with Urban Sprawl Ltd. Not the classiest outfit but they get the job done. Similar to us, they like extending toward gardens, making the most of nearby nature. Fortunately old London had a fair bit of this on its doorstep; a pretty big garden. So the primitive green belt was encroached upon. 

But the more they extended, the more people came to stay. It was a popular household, London. Forever welcoming waifs and strays, not just blood tied relatives. So more space was needed and they extended further. And further. And further still. The incessant expansion kept Urban Sprawl in business. But their work was not always the greatest. Not shoddy by any means. Just not the sleek, uniformity that we admire. An extension on one side of London need not match an extension on the other. A bit higgledy-piggledy for our liking.

It’s All About Planning

How we’d have loved that contract. Focusing on functionalism utilising voids, enhancing natural light. That’s what we do. Make life easier for those at home. There’s nothing Tardisian about it. No physics wizardry; always bigger on the outside than the inside. Though, it’s amazing how the optimum can be achieved with the most restricted of spaces if you just throw a razor sharp architect, an interiors genius and some stalwart builders into the mix. Whether urban or domestic: it’s all about the planning.

If your house is starting to feel busier than Oxford Street on Christmas Eve and you need a hand planning some changes, don’t hesitate to get in touch.