Kitchen Extension with Playroom Space

While on the subject of sci-fi (see previous blog entry) here at MyLondonExtensions HQ we often talk movies. Old films, new films, favourite films, hated films. All sorts of cinematic fare. There are a few science fiction fans here and we’ve noticed there an overbearing aesthetic to most sci-fi: dark, damp, metallic, foreboding. Steam-punk in warp drive. It just feels odd that it’s all so similar. 
‘What relevance does all this have with basement conversions in London?’ you ask. Well, we like films for their stories but also for their set design. One of our favourites is ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.  Unlike most of the dim, perspiring starship innards we’re normally given in sci-fi movies, director Stanley Kubrick brought us sleek lines, uncluttered surfaces, striking symmetry, ergonomic shaping and most importantly, white. White on white on white. Stark swathes of white in a jet black outer space.
At MyLondonExtensions we love this vision of the future. Clinical design without a health clinic feel. Utilising Dupont’s Corian solid surface materials in white, we love to leave a new home with an exciting, blanched, contemporary kitchen that works both as bold statement and family hub. Yes, a kitchen can be ultra-modern but still warm and welcoming. We work hard to incorporate all modern touches within the whole vision so we never forget it’s a home we are working on.
Dupont created Corian four years before Kubrick brought us ‘2001’. Ahead of their time? Probably. While Kubrick used spacecraft consultants Frederick Ordway and Harry Lange as the main drivers for his film’s set design, at MyLondonExtensions we stick with our trusted interior designers. It doesn’t matter, the end result is the same – your own new space, where no man has gone before.